I see you, King. I see your struggles and all that you righteously desire. I see what your heart lives for, and what you’re willing to die for. As we embark on the final frontier that anchors you into the depth of love, I invite you to put down your sword, take off your mask, and truly FEEL all of what has been repressed inside of your being. Together we will create a safe space for all of the societal, religious and familial conditioning to melt away. 


You want to be an embodied lover? Cultivate your ability to FEEL. Everything. That starts with your body, fully processing any unfelt debris that is preventing you from accessing your Power. 


Each session, you will become more in alignment with your Blueprint of Wholeness, which has been there all along. There’s no more posturing, only a sacred opening. There’s no more striving, because this moment provides all that you will ever yearn for. When you allow yourself to drop down and IN to the body, an unfoldment begins. You allow yourself to have inner Gnosis; you contact the Divine within, and can feel on a sensational level that you are your own medicine. 


If you want to develop a long term, sexually fulfilling partnership that is based on nourishing love, then what you need to cultivate is embodied authentic presence. This is what she deeply craves and desires, and what brings depth to any intimate experience. 


With the Presence-Power-Passion method, we will find and lovingly integrate the unconscious blocks and patterns that are preventing you from fully embodying your Inner King/Lover archetype so that you can thrive in your sexual life and beyond. 


As a man, sex is a foundational part of your life and if anything is obstructing the inherent flow of sexual energy, then you’re not fully receiving the gifts that llife  can bestow. If any part of you is suppressed sexually, it can inherently block access to your full power in other areas. 


You deserve to feel the heights of pleasure, divinity, freedom and fun that sex can bring. It can be a source of your greatest potential and connection, but left unhealed, it can be a source of shame, frustration, and disconnection.

By restoring your integrated wholeness, both within yourself and the relationships around you, you will begin to open a portal to your innate divinity through sex, bringing bliss, pleasure and connection to you and your partner.


Benefits of the Sexually Embodied King

You’ll boost your authentic sexual power to the point where women will be magnetized to your divine masculine presence. 

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By awakening your inner King, you’ll tap into your natural genius and ignite your creativity, bringing passion and pride to everything you do.

You’ll tap into unlimited sexual energy resulting in more long lasting, soul-satisfying sex, and she will be asking for more.


By applying passion to your purpose, you’ll never work another day in your life. Your job will become an expression of your gift.

By harnessing your sexual power, you’ll have increased clarity, energy and vitality all day, doubling your productivity, and the quality of your work.


Your sexual confidence will skyrocket, and you’ll form a more genuine, intimate connection with your lover.

You’ll start valuing yourself for who you are instead of your achievements, bringing satisfaction and fulfillment to the present moment.


You’ll become so fired up about your soul’s purpose, that you’ll look forward to jumping out of bed in the morning.

You’ll receive sexual cultivation techniques that help you last longer in bed, have full bodied-orgasms, and gain ejaculatory choice.


By healing from the wounds of the past, you can stop self-sabotaging your future.

You’ll establish and keep a spiritual daily practice that will keep you connected and empowered.


Cultivating unshakable self worth will eliminate the need to seek outside validation for good.


Do any of these Sound Familiar?

You want to be a confident lover, but performance anxiety keeps you in your head wondering if you’re ‘a good enough lover’ or ‘attractive enough’ to keep them.

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You work tirelessly to build an empire to share with a future beloved, the cost of which is returning home emotionally and sexually unfulfilled to an empty house.

You sacrifice self-care and drain your life force energy by mindlessly watching porn, playing video games, eating junk food, or binge-watching Netflix -- but regret it afterwards and don’t know how to stop.


You have a Grand Vision for your life, but find yourself spinning in circles, not taking action, limited by time, money and resources and wondering if your dreams are meant to be.

You know the pain, exhaustion, and depletion of always playing the hero without receiving the love you want, and you are ready for a mutually divine partnership.


You have a steady job, but you’re bored, feel undervalued, and know your talents and genius could be applied to something that is more aligned with your passion and values.

You’ve suffered from shame, doubt and fear around erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, and you're ready to break free from this pattern.


Whenever you make progress in an area of life or love, you self-sabotage your gains out of unconscious fear or lack of confidence.

You have unfulfilled dreams and desires and feel like opportunities are passing you by, and you may die without creating your legacy.


You think you’ll never find the love of your life because you’ve told yourself you’re past your prime, and it’s never going to happen for you. 




A man’s purpose is his compass in life but most men don’t know how to access it, blindly following a path decided for them,  without thought or plan, or simply pursuing money for the sake of adding it to a bank account. 


Likewise, many men have never been taught how to love, and don’t see how their sexuality and their ability to serve with a deep level of presence are connected. 


Sexuality is at the root of who we are; it is the creative life-force energy of the universe, and it is intrinsically linked to every other area of your life. 


Yet many men are living in a sexual shadow, and haven’t integrated their shadow self with their conscious mind. 


Once you awaken and integrate your sexual power, you can apply this energy to your Soul’s Purpose, and cultivate meaningful relationships, while making a massive impact in the world! 


True satisfaction does not lie outside of you. We are taught to climb the endless ladder of acquiring wealth; that only then you will be loved and accepted, and have the happiness you seek.


We have to flip this paradigm upside down.


The more you cultivate self-connection and inner meaning, the more satisfying your life becomes. 


I want you to know that your inherent value as a man has more to do with deeply valuing who you are and allowing everything you do be an expression of your fullness and less to do with outside achievements expected of you.


From here you can lead as a KING OF THE NEW EARTH -- a Man who is awakened to his sexuality, in service to all living beings, and create solutions not just for himself, but for everyone.  


You have a huge capacity to love, and a King is inherently a life-regenerating force that leads with a full heart, an awakened mind, and empowered sexuality. It’s imperative to arouse and integrate the King and the Lover archetype, so you can rise to the true expressions of love, which include becoming emotionally vulnerable. 


If you were fully ignited and empowered in your Divine Masculine, what would become possible in your life? 

By deepening into your awakened presence with a wide open compassionate heart, you would be more energetically aligned, make a greater impact on those you love, and those you yearn to serve.


What would become possible if you were a fully ignited, sexually awakened man, stepping into your Soul’s Purpose?


Heart-centered men on an evolutionary path who are ready to awaken and live up to their full power and potential in the bedroom and beyond!

Men who are ready to uplevel their sexual confidence, stamina and satisfaction, and have always been interested in Tantra, and sacred sexuality.

Men who long to deepen connection in their relationships and cultivate long-lasting love and attraction.

Men who are ready to commit to themselves and their Vision 110%.

Men who know they have a bigger mission to serve, and are ready to step into that higher calling.

Men who seek more energy, vitality, time, money and freedom to follow their Soul’s Purpose.

Men who care deeply about the Earth and its occupants and know we need to change the systems from the inside out.

Men who are ready to heal from the past and activate their life in the areas of sex, spirituality, and purpose.

Compassionate lovers who are supportive of the feminine in their lives, and know he can serve Her by becoming an embodied lover.



You’re not ready to take full responsibility for the results you get out of your life or this program.

You’re satisfied with the status quo, and don’t believe any kind of change is possible in your life.

You’re not ready to commit time, energy and money to your goals.

You’re highly judgemental of yourself and others, and cannot see that our differences are what make us stronger as a tribe.

You are not committed to showing up 110% to participate in the calls and do the homework practices (5 days a week, 20 min a day).

You just want to make more money, and don’t have a larger desire to make an impact in the world.

Being in a tribe of other men led by a strong woman makes you feel uncomfortable.

You’re happy being the lone wolf, and think you can solve all of your problems on your own.


VALUE: $1,791

Nine group lesson calls over the course of 3 months -- providing education around sexuality, presence, purpose, power and passion. All held on Zoom and recorded for easy access.

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Twice monthly group process calls, so you can dive deep into healing your core wounds, and bring wholeness and integration to your True Self.

VALUE: $1,194


Weekly audio meditations to awaken your embodied sexuality and consciousness.

VALUE: $250


Weekly accountability on tracking your goals, and simple action steps to move towards them.

VALUE: $300


Supplementary demo videos to support your evolution.

VALUE: $300

Surprise guest teachers to lead you deeper into your presence, purpose and power!

VALUE: $699


A private, exclusive Facebook group where you’re supported by other Kings, can share ideas, cheer each other on, collaborate and get your questions answered.

VALUE: $200







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"The Sexually Awakened Man is all about liberating the primal desire from your cock, integrating it with Eros in the heart, aligning it with Logos in your mind, and using that to propel you towards your Soul’s Purpose."

LAUREN SEARLES is a Tantric Love and Sex Coach for evolutionary men who want to awaken their sexual potential, and channel that into their soul's purpose. Her work is informed by a belief that healing and empowering men around their sexuality will restore and ignite their True Self, resulting in their ability to make a larger impact in the world. 


By empowering change-makers to embody their desire, Lauren shows her clients how to transmute their deepest pain into their greatest gifts. Using her proven somatic-based coaching method, seekers are gently guided towards finding the innate wisdom within the gateways of the Soma; the divine life-intelligence inside the body. 


Lauren has had over 10 years of study in Tantra, Consciousness, Meditation and Yoga and Men’s Sexuality, and 800 hours of training in Somatic Psychology and Neuroscience, giving you the most cutting edge embodiment and therapeutic practices for real lasting change. 


Lauren has received her Love, Sex & Relationship Coaching certification through Layla Martin’s Institute for Integrated Sexuality, and studied Tantra with Psalm Isadora and Christopher Wallis. She resides in Los Angeles CA, where she enjoys yoga, cuddles, laughter, sunshine, ecstatic dance, and erotic storytelling.