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Your Masculine Essence &
Penetrating Presence Will Activate her Deepest Opening.

Break free from doubt, comparison, and insecurity in sexual relations and unleash your full erotic power, potential and potency in the bedroom. If you’re done being friend-zoned, and want the right women to be naturally magnetized to you, then this is your roadmap to reclaiming your inherent Sexual Confidence and the pathway to healthy, thriving relationships. 


This transformational program is designed for heart-centered and successful men seeking a holistic solution to performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction to last longer in bed, have deeply satisfying sex, and healthier relating patterns. 


Expertly designed to release old mind-body patterns and sexual conditioning that is blocking your fullest expression, we’ll work together in every session to shed outdated patterns to reveal what is underneath:


Your truest, most authentic Self. Your innate Masculinity. A volcano of sexual energy.




Imagine waking up every morning, feeling confident, at peace in your body, and deeply connected to your sexual energy. Envision intimate moments where you are fully present, exuding genuine masculinity that leaves both you and your partner fulfilled. This isn't just a dream – it's what you can achieve with this modern, somatic approach to sex therapy for men.

Benefits of the SEXUALLY CONFIDENT MAN Program:

▽ Unleash Magnetic Charisma: Tap into an irresistible magnetism that draws others towards you, allowing your genuine self-confidence to shine.

▽  Cultivate Soul-Enriching Intimacy: Amplify your ability to share intimate moments that resonate on a soulful level, nurturing more profound lasting satisfaction.

▽ Rediscover Your True Sexual Confidence: Reconnect with your authentic sexual Self, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-assuredness.

▽ Elevate Your Sexual Vitality: Increase your capacity to channel and harness sexual energy, leading to heightened sensations and extended, profound pleasure for both you and your partner.

▽ Radiate Self-Respect: Develop an unshakeable inner self-worth that naturally inspires respect and admiration from your partners.

▽ Attract Your Ideal Partner Naturally: Draw your ideal match to you effortlessly, forging a deeper connection based on genuine attraction.


"Take the Leap. Become the Sexually Confident Man You Were Meant to Be. Apply Now."

Picture a life where you hold the reins of your desires, where your very presence exudes a magnetic power. The Sexually Confident Man program is your gateway to unlocking a realm of passion, embodied power and the fulfillment that you desire.

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Does this sound familiar to you?

You’re a man of integrity, strong values, and you have a big heart. 

You’re constantly seeking ways of being of service to others.  You’re a seemingly endless well of giving. 

However, it often leads to sacrificing your own needs in the process, and you find yourself in the “Nice Guy-Friend Zone”...again.

Sacrificing your needs, or trading acts of service in order to secure love results in your partner losing appreciation for you, and ultimately, respect.  Plus it can create resentment for you. 

This diminishing respect takes a toll on your sexual confidence.

Because you’re not upholding healthy boundaries in relating, your body no longer trusts you, causing your health and vitality to dwindle. 

Your confidence is so shattered that you are experiencing some form of erectile dysfunction or abnormality. 


You can no longer just relax and enjoy the sexual experience. 

You are not broken. 

Your cock is very intelligent and if it’s not ‘working’ then it is usually a cue that something deeper is going on;

That you need to start listening to your body, and connect your cock with the rest of your body. 

If any part of that story resonates with you, I have great news. 

There is a solution. 

Through Tantric breathwork and somatic processes, I will lead you through a gentle, yet effective way of healing.

By strengthening the physical, energetic and emotional pathways between your

Your body will begin to trust you again.  

You and your cock will begin to be on the same ‘team’ and work together towards true sexual satisfaction. 

Old conditioning, past trauma, self-doubt and lack of sexual confidence will  be gently released, and you will begin to form a new imprint of personal power, connection, and erotic energy. 

Through this and many other processes, your Peak Sexual Power and Potency will return. 

By living in deep connection and integrity with yourself, there will be more of YOU to give.

By claiming sovereignty, self-love and connection over your own body, mind, and heart, a resurgence of your inherent sexual energy will surely return. 



and Mind

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✨ Old sexual patterns, blocks and wounds preventing your true sexual essence from being expressed, felt and shared.


✨ Love avoidance- pushing away or avoiding intimacy so you can stay ‘safe’ which prevents you from getting what you really want.  


✨ Putting your needs last, and not asking for what you really want in the bedroom. You’ll start to believe that you’re worthy of having what you want.  


✨ Wasting your precious time and energy doing the same thing (habitual masturbation) over and over again and expecting a different result. 


✨ Struggle with a lack of sexual confidence, and just not engaging in sexuality anymore out of fear that it’s just not worth it or you’ll fail. 




✨ Co-creating fun and adventurous sexual experiences from a sense of spontaneity, allowing sex to be an avenue of your FREEDOM.


✨ Being fully seen and celebrated in your wholeness, as you begin to operate more from your authentic core and be recognized for that.


✨ Deepening into presence so you can not only feel your body more, but also lead your partner into the depths of her pleasure.


✨ Being able to truly enjoy the sexual experience from start to finish, because you are able to create true intimacy and connection with your partner.


✨ Create long-lasting and satisfying relationships because you’ve created a new internal pattern that attracts partners that can match you on that level. 

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The Sexually Confident Man is a comprehensive 12 session program  individually crafted to reclaim your innate Masculine Energy by utilizing the “Presence-Power-Passion” method. 

Dive deep into transformational sessions rooted in somatic psychology, neuroscience and tantric practices that will revolutionize how you view yourself and your relationships.

My philosophy is rooted in healing your original imprint of love, so you can begin to embody true confidence with your lover. 


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Nurture Authentic Presence & Cultivate Deeper Connections

Get out of your head and into your Body. As you deepen into embodied presence, not only will you experience heightened sensations, but you'll also ignite more intense pleasure in your partner.  As you come home to your body, you will feel more safe for women to open up to you in a genuine way that feels good to her. 



Unleash your Authentic  Power and transform the ‘Nice Guy’ Persona

By upleveling your sense of worthiness and true value in a relationship, you’ll set and keep healthy boundaries. This will inspire respect and create an unshakeable container for deeper love and intimacy. Up-level your erotic energy, and unleash your Wild Primal Lover. 


Go from anxious-prone performance mindset to deep communion in love making. 

Expand your pleasure capacity and last longer in bed by learning how to move your erotic energy through your whole body, surf bigger waves of ecstasy and take her beyond where she’s gone before.  Learn practices based in (neo) Tantra like breath, sound, energy, and movement for sexual mastery. 

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What's Included:

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(1) 2 Hr Up-Level your Confidence Breakthrough Session

Clarity mapping session, pinpointing your core wounds and patterns preventing you from confidence so you can move powerfully into your Masculinity, with Power, Presence, and Passion.

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(11)  90 Minute Somatic Sessions (Weekly on Zoom/Phone Call)

These somatic sessions allow you to rewire your nervous system, deepen your embodied presence, and create a new pathway to truly sexually thriving.  Each one is unique and tailored to where you are in the process.   


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  • (3) 15 min check-ins throughout the program         

  • (12 or more) Somatic/Self Pleasure healing audios

  • The Sexually Confident Man reading  list 

  • Voice Support on WhatsApp. Send me a voice memo anytime, M-F with 24 hr response  

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Investment in Yourself, Paid in Full: $5,000
Payment Plan: $1,000/mo 6 months
Changing Your Sex and Love Life Forever: Priceless

This program, designed by an expert love and relationship coach, is for men who seek to heal on the deepest level, and make intimate connections from their authentic self.

Limited Time Offer

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“Lauren opened doors to my sexuality that I didn't know existed. I did not know what I did not know...and the way she guided me to expand my knowledge and deepen my ability to feel was totally extraordinary. I worked with Lauren for 10 weeks and her program redirected my life and totally saved and radically enriched my relationship. She truly is a Love Angel!”

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Lauren Searles

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Upon moving to San Francisco from my Colorado home in 2006, I was deeply influenced by its sex-positive and transformational culture. San Francisco and its unique inhabitants ignited my passion for healing bodywork, neo-tantra, yogic traditions, and classical Tantra. 

I moved to Los Angeles in 2010, and had a series of heart-breaking relationships. I was very much looking for love outside of myself, and had unhealed codependent patterns. After a very enlivening, yet traumatic relationship with my ‘Twin Flame’ I set out on a quest to heal from the inside out. 

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  • You are a heart-centered, sensitive and self-aware man who genuinely cares about other people. 

  • You’ve already done some personal development work on yourself; in the form of therapy, yoga, workshops, seminars, or a dedicated spiritual practice, and you desire a program that will support you in a holistic way. 

  • You know you have some super powers inside of you, and want to amplify them! You are able to tap into energetic awareness naturally, or want to expand upon this capacity.  

  • You have self-agency around making a financial decision to enroll in coaching.

  • You have the time and private space to dedicate to creating a transformation for yourself. 

  • You are fiercely committed to getting what you want, and are willing to take responsibility for your results by doing the somatic meditation homework I give you. 

  • You’re open to the spiritual/mystical part of life, and want to deepen your connection to Source. 

  • You are open to new ideas and experimenting with concepts like breath, sound and movement techniques in self-pleasure and beyond. 

  • You greatly revere the women in your life, and wish to serve the divine feminine, and will use this newfound power to benefit those in your life. 

  • You’re a visionary with a profound desire to maximize your impact on the world, and recognize that holistic sexuality & relationships has the potential to propel your life’s mission forward. 



   - This program is not suitable for those seeking a quick fix for erectile dysfunction or any other sexual challenges. I believe in a holistic approach that addresses the root causes and promotes lasting healing from the inside out. 

   - If your goal is solely to acquire a few pick-up artist tricks to enhance your sexual experiences for personal gratification, this program may not align with your intentions. 

   - If you do not share the value of respect and reverence for women,  and are not committed to treating women with the utmost respect and dignity, this program is not for you.

- If you are resistant to being vulnerable or are uncomfortable with introspection, this program may be challenging for you. My approach encourages individuals to confront their insecurities and fears in a safe and supportive environment.

   - Effective communication is a cornerstone of healthy relationships and sexual confidence. If you struggle with communication or are unwilling to work on improving your ability to express yourself, this program may not work for you.

   - If you're not willing to invest time, effort, and commitment to the process, you may not achieve the desired results. 

This program is designed to facilitate profound personal growth and transformation.   

 - If you are closed-minded and resistant to exploring new ideas, perspectives, or approaches to sexuality, this program may not be a good fit. I encourage open-mindedness and a willingness to challenge preconceived notions to foster personal growth.

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